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Studio Ezube is specialised in providing stunning and unconventional interior design concepts for both residential and commercial projects. From the creation of design schemes to space planning leading to efficient solutions, we take care of everything.



Schematic Design Development
In this stage we use the brief provided by the client to analyse the project scope and develop suitable, aesthetically appealing and innovative concepts. Ideas are communicated via sketches, drawings and presentations to assist our client’s understanding of a design idea. 
Space Planning 
We understand the necessity of unique, functional and user friendly spaces in today’s complex world. Thus, we strive to simplify the lives of our clients through effective planning of wall and floor treatments, ceiling, lighting, furniture layout & design, plumbing, etc. 
Interior Design Documentation
We producuce detailed drawings to assist the smooth implementation of the above planned and designed elements. Right from material specifications – finishes – measurements - all are taken care of by us efficiently.  
Vendor Coordination
We free the client from the hassles of back and forth co-ordination with the vendors/labourers and like to take charge of the site. 

We love to curate and customise decor that will give your home a complete and personalised look. Be it adding finishing touches to your newly designed home or just a quick makeover for your living room, treatment for a special wall, a smart partition, etc. 



Delhi, NCR